Christopher Perea is a lifelong Chicagoland resident with a deep affinity for the city and everything it has to offer. Born to strong Cuban-immigrant parents, his mother a real estate broker and father an engineer, he found himself immersed in design, innovation, and negotiation from an early age. Throughout high school and even while perusing his degree in medicine, he maintained a career in property management. After receiving his M.D., he realized his true passion and answered the call to assist others in a more creative and entrepreneurial field; real estate. With more than 20 years experience in property management, home renovation, and job shadowing under his mother’s skillful guidance, Christopher was ready to hit the ground running with Dream Town paving the way.

A lover of the outdoors, Christopher can often be found exploring the city by bicycle, on foot, or via sailboat on Lake Michigan. He is a warm-hearted advocate, dedicated to taking care of his friends, family, and clients. As both an observant listener and masterful communicator, he prides himself on his ability to navigate the real estate process seamlessly. His number one priority always: making each and every one of his client’s dream a real estate reality.

“To know, to think, to dream. It’s all there”
Victor Hugo

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